About GACC College


Government Institute of Excellence and Commercial College, Kathlal, started from June 2012, in the historic land Sheth. Mr High School, this organization is managed by the lawyer Keshavlal Motilal Education Society.


Drought caused by the phenomenon of 1917 when the British was in the state. The government officials did not get hurt due to the drought that caused them to suffer and the land was recovered from the farmers by the landlords. The devotees of both the great saints, Shri Mohanlal Kameshwar Pandya (Dugali Chor) and Late Shankarlal Dwarkadas Parikh (the devout servant who turned the leader of Kathalal) These two servants, took up this question and gave news on this in newspapers, the presentation of this question is about government officials A Classroom.

Our Motto


To uplift yourself you need to work hard. Dedication for work and your efforts will make you achieve real prosperity. Education is longest journey of life. Once it begins it will never end. Dedication towards work, value education And social service are basic motto of our institute.




To inculcate cultural and academic values in semi-urban area, empower with knowledge that combined innovation and evaluation in learners. Also shape them as responsible and constructive individual in competitive, techno centric and diverse world.



  • To make higher education approachable.
  • Transmit knowledge through value based education.
  • To provide platform of opportunities and catering environment where student can achieve holistic development.
  • Promote and provide enough exposure for research to faculties and students.